A Guide to All Of Club Penguin
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How to make Puffles Walk on Walls Cheat:
1. Login to Club Penguin and open up the map.
2. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a few puffles.
3. Click on the home icon to go to your igloo.
4. Buy a large igloo such as the split level igloo.
5. Wait for your puffles to go to the upper part of your igloo.
6. Buy a small igloo such as the basic igloo.

How to chat Numbers on Club Penguin:
1. Open up the safe chat menu.
2. Select Games > Hide and Seek
3. You can choose “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

Walk on Club Penguin Pathways:
1. Click on a Club Penguin pathway.
2. While walking, open up Penguin Mail.
3. View your Penguin Mail until you have finished walking.
4. Exit your Penguin Mail when you have finished walking.

How to unlock the Command Room:
To unlock the Command Room, you must have the Elite Penguin Force ds game and be able to connect to Club Penguin from your DS. Once you connect to Club Penguin to upload coins, the Command Room will be unlocked on your penguin.

How to Nub on Club Penguin:
1. Go to a room where you can walk beside the chat bar.
2. Go either to the left, or the right of the chat bar.
3. If your on the left, click on the right side of the chat bar. (Vice versa.)
4. You will then be waking under the chat bar.

Walk around Room while playing Find Four:
1. Go to the Ski Lodge and play Find Four.
2. Then open up your penguin mail.
3. You can move around in the room while playing Find Four.

Walk around Room while playing Mancala:
1. Go to the Book Room and play Mancala.
2. Then open up your penguin mail.
3. You can move around in the room while playing Mancala.

Wave Fast on Club Penguin:
Click (W) on your keyboard repeatedly to wave fast.
Fast Snowballs on Club Penguin:
Throw fast snow balls by repeatedly clicking (T).
Skip Astro Barrier Levels:
To skip levels, click 1, 2, or 3 while you are playing Astro Barrier to skip to level 10, 20 or 30.

Speed up Club Penguin:
If the server your on is slow and laggy, click the + or – sign to speed it up. This changes the resolution of the game.
Hidden Club Penguin Rooms:
On the Club Penguin map, there is one hidden room; the Ice berg. The Ice Berg is located beside the Cove.
How to find Rockhopper’s Key:
To find Rockhopper’s key, go to the Coffee Shop, and then go upstairs to the Book Room. Look at the book shelf and open up the Journal of Captain Rockhopper. Go to the back of the book to collect Rockhopper’s key.
How to find the Rainbow Bracelet:
To find the Rainbow Bracelet, go to the Coffee Shop, and then go upstairs to the Book Room. Look at the bookshelf and open up the book titled Rockhopper and the Stowaway. Go to the back of the book to collect the rainbow bracelet.
Pizzatron 3000 Desert Level:
To enter the dessert level, click on the lever that is found at the start menu.
How to Catch the Mullet:
To catch the Mullet, use a smaller fish as bait.
New Fish in Ice Fishing:
To catch the new fish in ice fishing, use a fishing rod from the ice fishing catalog.
Jet Pack Adventure Bonus:
To get the Jet Pack Adventure 1000 coin bonus, you must complete all levels of Jet Pack Adventure.
How to Walk on Water:
This can be done by going to the Ice Berg and standing beside Aqua Grabber. You may also go to the Dock and walk into the water on the right of the wooden dock.
How to see a Boat:
To see a boat, go to the Cove and look through the binoculars. Wait 15 – 20 seconds to see a boat pass by.
Weird Noise:
Press E + T to here a funny noise.
Spam Club Penguin Jokes:
While playing Club Penguin, repeatedly press the letter J to spam jokes.
Aqua Grabber Secret:
When playing Aqua Grabber, bring a pink puffle with you. If you run out of air during the game, it will give you a bubble to fill up your air.
Dig for Treasure Game Secrets:
1. Try to collect all the ruby, and the emerald gem stones.
2. If you see two shiny stars in one row that you can dig through, their is most likely some type of gem their.
3. If you find an emerald, you get a 100 coin bonus.
4. Ruby stones are worth 25 coins each.
How to find the latest Club Penguin Pin:
Check JustClubPenguin.com for daily pin updates or ask a friend on Club Penguin.
Talk with the Newspaper:
1. Login to Club Penguin, and go to your desired room. (I suggest a room that you can go to the far left or right, so you can see yourself do the cheat.)
2. Open up the Club Penguin Times newspaper, and click “we need you.”
3. Click on the question button, and then click send. You do not need to type a question.
4. Go back to the main page of the newspaper, and click the tab key (Located on your keyboard).
5. Type in something and click enter. Your penguin should be holding the newspaper, and talking at the same time.
Dance Contest Expert Level:
1. Go to the Night Club and start the dance contest game.
2. When Cadence asks you to choose a level, click on her scarf.
3. A message will pop up. Click yes and you will play the expert level.
Bean Counters Bonus:
You can receive an extra 60 coin bonus by unloading all the trucks and completing the game.
Easy Sledding Tips:
Every time you make a move to avoid a slope or bump, return back to the middle. (It will be easier to avoid objects in this position.)
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