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 Feild Op #20

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PostSubject: Feild Op #20   Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:11 pm

Club Penguin EPF Field Op #22 Cheats

Did you finish this week's Field Op? If not, here are Club Penguin EPF Field Op #22 Cheats for you. In addition, there are some new Elite Gear on the island.
When you log in your Club Penguin account, you can find your Spy Phone is ringing. Open it, and click "Go there" then you can get into the EPF Command Room. Find the screen said "Field-Ops".

Click on the screen to accept the Field Op. Have a look at what Gary Says.

Then use your Spy Phone to arrive in the Hidden Lake. Go through the oak barrel.

Once your Spy Phone rings, click it. You may need to read the rules to complete the mini game. Click "Engage" to start the game.

Have you ever played this mini game?

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Feild Op #20
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