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 Water Dojo!!!!

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PostSubject: Water Dojo!!!!   Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:04 pm

Club Penguin Water Dojo Entrance Revealed – Follow the Pipes!

With the new Water Party, you can see all kinds of piping and machinery running throughout Club Penguin Island. I decided to trace the pipes to see where they lead and they ended up leading down to one place — the Water Dojo. You can go there right now — the entrance to the Water Dojo is in the Ninja Hideout! It’s hanging from chains and will swing back and forth!

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, though, and let’s get back to the beginning, all of the pipes and cool machinery elsewhere in the island! More…
If you follow the pipes, you’ll see that there are two machines that feed even more water into the system. The first one can be found if you visit Forest. If you throw a snowball into the pot, the fire will heat the snowball which will evaporate. The steam collector above will collect the steam and then use the power to pick up water from the small water reservoir with the buckets and dump them into the pipe system! Very cool!

The second machine can be found at the Dock. If you throw about 25 snowballs into the pot, it will make enough weight to pull up the plunger inside the small lake and all of that water will flow into the system. Another very innovative water collection system the Penguins have thought of. We’ll be out of this flood in no time!

Continuing the trace, you’ll see that these all lead to the Dojo and you can see that they feed directly into the water tower. The water tower stores water until it’s needed and then dumps it into the Ninja Hideout.

If you go to the Ninja Hideout, you can see the final piece of the puzzle. If you throw a snowball into this last pot, the fire will melt it and it will dump water into the wheel, which pulls water from the Water Tower and sends it down into the Water Dojo! Isn’t it cool how they are following the rules of Card-Jitsu, with Fire melting water each time to bring us Card-Jitsu Water?

And here’s what you all have been waiting for… Click the entrance to see the Water Dojo!

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Water Dojo!!!!
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